GPR Soffit and Fascias

GRP Fascias

GRP Soffits & Fascias Architectural Design and Construction

GRP is an immensely versatile material and has the ability to interperate design ides into stylish reality. Variety of surface texture and an unlimited colour range available. The architects imagination can explore areas well beyond the confines of traditional materials.

GRP can also accurately simulate traditional materials reproducing the original look, feel and style and combines lightweight with its inherent strength to provide a durable weather resistent finish.

Thermal expansion and contraction in fascias is the most important factor and on long runs. A common nightmare with metals and thermoplastics where all fixing and joints needs to be compensated for quite large movements. Not for GRP, thermal stability and in most cases no special consideration is needed. Fixings and joints can be simple and inexpensive.

Almost any complexity of shape, surface, appearance and scale of work is achieveable and its both non-corrosive and non-conductive which can be manufactured to achieve a fire rating which complies to BS476.

Our teams have considerable experience within the GRP industry and are able to offer expert advice when required. Alongside our production areas we have our own pattern and mould making facilities allowing our customers to aquire a complete package from a reliable and respected source.

We supply and fix GRP Fascia and Soffits throughout the UK using our own approved and in house GRP fixing teams ensuring a high standard complete finish.

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IJF have a range existing GRP Fascia profiles already designed
GRP Fascia Profiles
GRP Fascia Profiles
GRP Fascia Profiles
GRP Fascia Profiles
GRP Fascia Profiles
GRP Fascia Profiles

GRP Building Fascias


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